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Max 1.900 kg | 3,27 Meter
Max 2.300 kg | 3,27 Meter
Max 350 kg | 1,4 Meter
Max 550 kg | 2,8 Meter
Max 950 kg | 2,8 Meter
Max 1.100 kg | 2,8 Meter
Max 1.500 kg | 3,1 Meter
Max 900 kg | 2,8 Meter
Max 1.050 kg | 2,8 Meter

Compact Loader

An compact loader (shovel) is indispensable for earthmoving. Sankoo rents and sells these machines with different attachments that can be coupled to the lifting arm.

An compact loader is an essential tool for earthmoving companies, contractors, demolition companies, cable layers and many others. This machine is suitable for a wide variety of work, such as loading, raising or moving materials.


The Pitbull Compact loader is a unique machine with extra attention to safety, quality and power. The Pitbull Loader is compact and manoeuvrable and therefore ideal for heavy work in small spaces. Thanks to the low seat height, it is also possible to perform indoor work.

The Pitbull compact loader is known for excellent performance in terms of safety, quality and strength. The machine is very compact and manoeuvrable, and ideal for working on uneven surfaces.

The quality of the Pitbull is guaranteed by the use of the highest quality parts. The frame is made of high quality steel and only A-brand components are used. The Pitbull is produced in a new factory in the Netherlands. This factory has the most modern machinery and more than 10 robot systems that produce high-quality products in the most efficient way.

AVANT compact loaders

Avant has a wide range of machines in various sizes and with many possibilities. The compact loaders are versatile, powerful, compact, innovative and durable under all circumstances. Substrate, distance and height play an important role in the choice of a loader. Sankoo is happy to support you with appropriate advice.

If you are looking for a tool that is both compact and extremely strong, then Sankoo is the right place for you.

Sankoo is also the right place for the rental of a longer period of mini cranes, aerial work platforms, articulated loaders and glass robots! We think it is important that your job is done correctly. All our employees are in possession of the correct certificates.

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