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The mini crane specialist

Sankoo has a high quality selection of mini cranes. These compact cranes are perfect for moving heavy building materials (vertically), are easy to use and, thanks to their compactness, can reach the most inaccessible places.

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Mini cranes

Sankoo has a high-quality range of (mini) cranes.

These compact cranes are perfect for (vertically) moving heavy construction materials, are easy to operate and reach the most inaccessible places due to their compactness.

If you are looking for a tool that is both compact and extremely strong, then Sankoo is the place to be.

Aerial working platforms

At Sankoo you will find the right aerial work platform that you need to make your work easier.

Sankoo offers a diverse range of scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts, spider lifts and car lifts. Discover quickly how our machines can be of service to you.

compact loaders

A compact loader (also known as a wheel loader or shovel) is indispensable for earthmoving.

Sankoo rents and sells these machines with various attachments that can be attached to the loading arm, for example pallet forks and buckets.

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Each job has its own work equipment. You want to be able to work smoothly, efficiently and safely. Our machines prevent painful backs and increase production. Sankoo machines offer the ideal solution for any job.

Obviously, that accompanied with appropriate advice. Heavy work has never been so much fun!


Is an innovative company which has committed to the mechanization of heavy manual work.

The core tasks consist of selling, renting and maintaining a high-quality range of mini cranes, aerial work platforms and glass robots. Many years of experience and expertise have been brought together in our company.

Our delivery program includes the top of the compact work equipment currently on the market. The same top quality applies to our advice and our service.

Years of knowledge and experience in the field of compact work equipment are bundled in a professional organization. Sankoo has its own work equipment for every job. “

Customer service

Answer to all your questions.

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