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Spider crawler platforms

Truck mounted aerial platforms


At Sankoo you will find the right Aerial work platform to make your work easier. Sankoo has a diverse range of spider crawler platforms and truck mounted aerial platforms. Because of this diversity, there is always a platform for your business.

Our aerial platforms offer the ideal solution for working in height.

The Sankoo aerial work platforms offer the ideal solution for working at height. Sankoo has a wide range of spider crawler platforms and truck mounted aerial platforms that can reach heights of up to 40 meters. The lateral range goes up to 19,50 meters. Due to the compact dimensions, these aerial work platforms reach the most inaccessible places. In addition, the spider crawler platforms are easy to transport on a trailer.

Customized solution

Due to the diverse range, Sankoo aerial work platforms always offer a tailor-made solution.

Advantages of a spin aerial platform

The Cela Spider Lifts have some very specific features. For example, the robust mast construction provides more stability and working comfort. These aerial work platforms are therefore often used in situations where work has to be done in height with limited space. The extremely compact dimensions of these aerial platforms have the advantage that they have a low weight and are very manoeuvrable. These Spider lifts can often reach places that no other aerial platform can reach. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The crawler drive increases stability, allowing you to drive on uneven / unpaved terrain.

Platform Basket

Simple and safe – A Sankoo aerial platform offers the ideal solution for working at height. It not only makes working easier, but also much safer. At the same time, you can save valuable time with an aerial work platform, which means you can work more efficiently.


Quality of Cela – Our aerial platforms are of the brand Cela. Cela offers various types of aerial work platforms where both horizontal and vertical movements are possible. Sankoo guarantees an appropriate interpretation of your needs.

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