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Loading Ramp

A mobile loading ramp is a ramp, specially developed for loading and unloading trucks with a forklift.

Are you looking for a mobile ramp, ramp or loading dock? Then you will find the perfect solution at Sankoo! These mobile loading ramps are the ideal solution for loading and / or unloading from zero to a height of 1000 -1600 mm. These ramps are easy to move with a forklift or pallet truck.

You always have a loading ramp at your disposal at the right location. The loading surface of the loading ramp consists of an anti-slip driving surface and is 1960 mm wide. The last part of this ramp is horizontal so that the forklift can easily enter the loading and unloading area.

Sankoo supplies ramps and industrial loading and unloading systems. The focus is on the safety of labour and workers. And these practical, sustainable and high-quality products contribute to this.

These mobile ramps can be used for loading or unloading from zero to a height of 1000 – 1600 mm via forklift trucks and pallet trucks. Because these ramps are movable, their position can be easily adapted to any situation.

Sankoo’s loading ramps increase production, only 1 person is needed to unload your goods. In addition, loading / unloading takes place 3x faster than in the conventional way. As a result, the investment amount is quickly earned back. In addition, this loading ramp helps creating a safer and better working conditions during loading and unloading.

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