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High-quality material deserves high-quality maintenance. That is why Sankoo offers you maintenance of the highest level. Our experienced technicians will not only maintain your machine but also advise you on preventive maintenance.  So you can work carefree from service to service.

In addition to regular service, every machine must be inspected annually. These are agreements that apply in the Dutch law, when you are using your machine across the border, other agreements may apply. High-quality maintenance and periodic inspections extend the life of the machine and reduce the risk of malfunctions.

Extend the lifespan

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of your machine. Therefore, make sure that you service your machines on time.

Machine inspections
  • Mini Crane inspection
  • Aerial platform inspection
  • Glass robot inspection
  • Glass vacuum lifter inspection

We can provide your machine with a Dutch or Belgian inspection.

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Technical Service

Our technical service responds quickly and competently to any faults. We know from experience that our machines rarely cause problems. In the unlikely event that this is the case, we will ensure that this is remedied quickly. The home of the technical service is our workshop in Bergeijk (Netherlands).

Is there a defect in your machine or would you like to have it serviced? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be on site as soon as possible so that you lose as little time as possible. We know and understand our machines very well, an expertise that comes in handy during maintenance.

A separate chapter in our workshop is overhaul. Written-off machines receive professional treatment until they are like new again. If you are curious about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

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