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Max 580 kg | 4,2 Meter
Max 2.500 kg | 15,65 Meter
Max 2.500 kg | 15,65 Meter
Max 4.000 kg | 21,1 Meter
Max 14.515 kg | 32,5 Meter
Max 500 kg | 10,5 Meter
Max 1.200 kg | 2,2 km/h

Mini Crane Rental

Sankoo has a wide range of cranes of the innovative brands Bg Lift and Hoeflon. With each a set of their own qualities.

These mini cranes are unique. They are compact and flexible allowing them to work in small spaces. In addition, all models are equipped with an electric engine. Therefore, they can operate fully electrical which can be of great use in enclosed spaces.

Interested in renting a mini crane, but you first want to know what the costs are? That is why you get a clear overview of the costs in advance at Sankoo. That is why you can easily rent a mini crane without a surprise afterwards.

By means of our modern material and skilled operators, we can give you good advice about the possibilities. Sankoo has a lot of experience in-house, and they are happy to transfer this knowledge to you.

No longer heavy lifting

The mini cranes from Sankoo are developed so they can take the heavy lifting out of construction workers, glaziers, steel builders and many others. These small powerhouses are perfect for (vertically) moving heavy construction materials or glass plates. In addition, our cranes are easy to operate and reach the most inaccessible places due to their compactness.


Our mini cranes can be rented with or without operator. This means that you rent the crane with one of our employees per hour. Our experience shows that it is often cheaper to hire our cranes with an operator.

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