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Max. 1.200 kg

12 Suction units


Standard version

  • lifting capacity 800 / 1200 kg
  • battery operating system
  • 8 fixed suction pads d.310 mm + 4 suction pads on extension pad arms
  • manual 90° tilt with automatic stop
  • manual 360° rotation, with possibility of automatic stop or continues rotation
  • pad spread in 8 pads configuration mm 1420×970
  • pad spread in 12 pads configuration mm 2145×1488
  • dual vacuum circuit EN13155
  • Always available
  • Fast delivery time
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Righetti VB8+4 RCMBM Glass vacuum lifter


The VB8+4 RCMBM is modular vacuum glass lifter.
On VB8+4 model, the external suction pads are on removable extension arms that permit to increase the lifting capacity and the pad spread.
The pad arms may be removed quickly and easily.
In configuration with 8 pads, the lifting capacity is 800 kg.
With addition of four extension pad arms, the lifting capacity increase to 1200 kg.

The VB8+4 RCMBM vacuum lifter features manual tilt and manual 360 degree rotation with possibility of automatic stop or continues rotation. Its compact and flat design permit that VB8+4 could work also behind scaffoldings. Vacuum glass lifter VB8+4 RCMBM is battery powered by rechargeable batteries that, if necessary, may be easily removed and quickly replaced.

VB8+4 RCMBM is specific vacuum glass lifter for construction site use with dual vacuum circuit according to EN13155.

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