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IMK35500 Mini crane

Max. 500 kg

10,5 meter

5,1 meter

Standard version

  • Max. lifting height: 10.50m
  • Max. Outreach: 5.10m
  • Max lifting load: 500kg
  • Dimensions: 2.98 x 0.98 x 2.37 m
  • Own weight: 4800 KG
  • Swivel range: 355 °
  • Steering angle: 85 °
  • Tilt angle: 1.5 °
  • Battery: 24V / 345Ah
  • Travel speed: 5.7 km/h
  • Ground pressure max .: 2800 kg/wheel
  • Max. Climbing ability: 16%
  • Turning circle 1.47m outside / 1.20m inside

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The IMK35500 can enter very narrow areas to perform various assembly and disassembly work. The IMK35500 has a passage width of 0.98 m and can rotate without any overhanging ballast. The manoeuvring possibilities with a steering angle of 86 ° are also unique with this device! The maximum lateral range is 4.30 m and an articulation height of about 7 m.

The IMK35500 is also self-propelled in any arm position. To prevent accidents, the device is equipped with foot protection strips on the wheels. The crane is operated with a remote control with a camera-friendly display.

The machines are manufactured in Germany using high-quality components. Due to the possibility of different options, the device can be adapted very well to individual requirements.

The IMK35500 is ideal for working in factory halls because this crane operates completely electrically. No emissions and noise pollution. This makes it the best choice for working in industrial environments where space is limited. The IMK35500 mini crane is therefore the ideal replacement for the overhead crane.

The IMK35500 is:
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