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Max. 2.500 kg

15,65 meter

12,85 meter

Standard version

  • Maximal capacity: 2.500 kg / 1.5 m
  • Max. horizontal range with Fly Jib: 12,85 m
  • Max. lifting height with Fly Jib: 15,65 m
  • Slewing angle: Endless
  • Overload warning device: Electric
  • Standard weight: 2.250 kg
  • Speed: 0 – 2 km / u
  • Max. slope angle: 40%
  • Max. earth pressure: 0.47 kg / cm2
  • Diesel engine: Yanmar 3TNV70 / 22.2 Hp

Available from: € 86.500,-

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The Bg Lift M250. The study of shape and design of the lines. The aesthetic functional harmony of a great technological project, Mini crane, equipped with innovative technologies, components and high quality materials to obtain the best performance. The compact dimensions and low weight of the crane combined with the particularly sensitive operation make it possible to perform complicated tasks.

The Bg Lift M250 is an extremely compact and powerful crane with a lifting height of over 15 meters, foldable to 3240 x 780 x 1750 mm. This mini crane has endless possibilities. The hydraulic jib makes it possible to work with the crane without a hoist winch. In addition, the Bg Lift M250 is easy to move and transport.

The hydraulically expandable tracks increase the stability of the Bg Lift M250 so that it is also possible to work on uneven surfaces. The Bg Lift M250 can be equipped with both Diesel and Electric motors and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The remote control has a display, so that all crane functions can be operated with millimetre accuracy.


  • Hydraulic fly Jib
  • 230 volt inverter electric motor
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Hydraulic 900 kg winch
  • Adjustable 30 ° degrees
  • 2 Man basket EN280
  • Lithium version (battery powered)
  • LED lamp mounted on the main boom
  • 4 pcs outrigger plates 400x400x40mm with 2 storage boxes
  • Color adapted to your company colors

Exactly what
you need.
Exactly what
you want.

Fully electric

Aerial Work Platform and minicrane in one?

The innovative Mini Crane brand Bg Lift makes that possible.

All models can (optionally) be equipped with a 2 person basket. This allows you to combine a mini crane and aerial platform in one machine.

These compact cranes are designed with EN280 approval. This is a unique feature of these mini cranes. Not investing in 2 machines but in 1. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Bg Lift M250 is:

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