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Cela DT25

Max. 230 kg

25 meter

12 meter

Standard version

  • Working height: 25 m
  • Lateral reach: 12 m
  • Total width: 1.99 m
  • Dimensions: 6.04 x 1.99 x 2.06 m
  • Basket capacity: 230 kg
  • Weight: 3,500 kg
  • Dimensions of the basket: 1.40 x 0.70 x 1.10 m
  • Connection in the basket: 230 V.
  • Basket rotation: 90 ° + 90 °
  • Stamp width: 4.00 meters
  • Swivel range: 360 °
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The Cela DT25 is built on a Daily 35S12 which is ideal for window cleaners, painters and roofing jobs. The maximum working height is 25 meters and requires a stamp width of 2.05.

Thanks to the double telescope construction, the Cela DT25 has more working range than ever. The articulation point of the upper and lower mast is at 14.00 meters. The Cela truck mounted aerial work platforms do not have a backswing so that work can be carried out easily and safely along roads and / or walls.

As standard, the CELA truck-mounted work platform DT25 is equipped with water, air and power flow to the platform. All cables and pipes are hidden in the mast.

The aerial platforms of CELA are supplied with an activated internet module. This allows the machine to be read remotely and any faults and error messages to be remedied.

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