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Cela Dt22 Spyder

Max. 230 kg

22 meter

9 meter

Standard version

  • Working height: 22 m
  • Lateral range: 9 m / 200 kg
  • Rotation: 720ยบ
  • Lifting capacity: 230 kg
  • Basket: 2 persons 140 x 70 x 110 cm
  • Hydraulic outrigger: 230 by 480 cm
  • Drive: Hatz 1 cylinder diesel engine
  • Electric motor: 230 volt single phase
  • Travel speed: 0 – 2 km / h
  • Clearance height: 195 cm
  • Drive width: 80 cm
  • Machine weight: 2,800 kg
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The Cela DT22 Spyder is a unique concept with unprecedented possibilities! The transport length is 4.32 meters and the passage width is only 0.80 meters. The own weight is only 2,800 kg. This makes this aerial platform easy to transport on a trailer. This makes the Cela DT22 Spyder a popular machine for cavity wall insulation companies.

Thanks to the double telescope construction, the Cela DT22 Spyder has more working range than ever. The articulation point of the upper and lower mast is at 14.00 meters. The mast construction is robust and thus provides a lot of stability and working comfort. The Cela DT22S is equipped with water, air and power transit to the platform which are hidden in the mast.

The aerial platforms of CELA are supplied with an activated mobile module. This allows the machine to be read remotely and any faults and error messages to be remedied.


  • Automatic folding
  • Anti dust brushes on the main boom
  • Monitoring system
  • Lithium Version
  • Detachable aluminum basket 1800mm (instead of 1400mm)
  • Single-seater aluminum cage 700 mm
  • White Non-marking tracks
  • Seat belts
  • Air / water connection in the basket, max. Pressure 100 bar
  • Sonar Technology anti-collision device to protect the cage
De Cela DT22 Spyder:
Light in weight

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