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Max. 600 kg

1 Suction unit


Righetti S1-B Stone vacuum lifter


  • Lifting capacity up to 600 kg
  • Battery operated system
  • Interchangeable suction pad
  • Manual 90° tilt
  • Low vacuum warning device


Stone Vacuum Lifter suitable for lifting and handling not porouse stones with compact dimensions or slabs with bigger thickness.

Serie S1-B is battery powered and has a compact and small body.

The main feature of S1-B series are the interchangeable suction pads. The suction pad can be quickly and easily exchanged with others suction pads of different dimensions.

On-off sliding valve with safety against involuntary release of the load.
Audible and visual low vacuum warning device with back-up battery alerts the operator on possible dangerous situations.
Safety device intervention is regulated by a vacuum switch fitted to the vacuum tank.
Vacuum gauge with colored scale installed on the vacuum circuit permits constant control of the vacuum level reached in vacuum circuit
Vacuum filter for dust and condense
Vacuum reserve tank accelerates the grip and, coupled with a non-return valve, guarantees that the load is not immediately released if there is a sudden supply interruption of power supply

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